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Terms Of Service


- Inded Hosting provides 99.9% uptime in all of its services.


- Shared hosting services are delivered instantly and upgrades also are done instantly.

- VPS Hosting services are delivered instantly and upgrades also are done instantly.

- Dedicated Server services are delivered manually within 24 hours and upgrades also are done within same time.

- In case of you using more resources then it's providen to you with your plan your service will be suspended and you will be asked to upgrade since your service needs more resources to run.

- Services that haven't been renewed within 60 days will be terminated and all data will be lost.

- Shared Hosting and VPS Hosting services give you 3 days time to renew after expiration before they get suspended,while Dedicated Servers are suspended immedially in the due date so you must always renew on time.

- In case you want to cancel an service you must notify us 5 days upfront so we won't generate an invoice.


- We will activate your service right after we receive the payment in case of "Shared Hosting" and "VPS Hosting" and within 24 hours in case of a "Dedicated Server" order.

- If you don't renew your service within 3 days after expiration the service will be suspended.

- Affiliates payments are sent in date 22 of every month,keep in mind that we are not responsible for the fees charged by your payment processors for the money we send.


- We reserve the right to suspend your service in case of abuses with staff or the server.

- In case your service was suspended for server abuse the unsuspension of it won't be possible.


- We offer daily backups for our "Shared Hosting" plans and you can find the last 3 days backups in your cPanel accounts.

- There is no backups for the "VPS Hosting" and "Dedicated Server" services it's up to you to setup an backup service for them.

- Even though we might offer backups for some of our services we encourage you also to keep your offsite backups,we are not responsible for any data loses.


- Our support tries its best to help the customers with any issue they got however keep in mind that they can't help you with coding issues or stuff unrelated to server managment and server configuration issues.

- The services we provide come "Managed" and "Unmanaged" so in case you got an "Unmanaged" one we might charge you for server configurations based on a hourly rate given to you by the support agent.


- Refund requests will be accepted only if are done within 7 days from the first order day.

- Coinpayment orders can't be refunded due to high crypto fees.

- You won't be eglible for a refund if you are a returning client.

- No refund will be providen in case you abused the service.


- Chargebacks bring account instant termination and there is no way to take the account back.

- All the data will be purged and no backup will be providen.


- We do not allow you to do the following things with your services : (Shared Hosting,VPS Hosting)

  • CPU Overusage
  • Memory Overusage
  • Disk Overusage
  • Network Overusage

  • - We do not allow the following contents in our services(Shared Hosting,VPS Hosting,Dedicated Servers) :

  • Adult Content
  • Shell Injections
  • Phishing
  • IP Scanners
  • Port Checkers
  • Email Spammers
  • Malware Spreading

  • 10.Privacy

    - Your personal details are safe and will never be sold or published by us.

    - All the cookies stored on our website are used to identify the services you got with us so you can easily manage them.

    - Your full name and email will be used to notify you about your new orders and invoices and will be visible only to you.